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The start of Shin-Kadonowaki district

In Shin-Kadonowaki district, we are proceeding the land readjustment project and planning various kinds of reconstruction projects in the surrounding area. In Minamihama district located south of the Shin-Kadonowaki district, the basic plan for the Minamihama earthquake disaster revival prayer park (tentative name) was drawn up which is aimed to develop integrally by the central government, Miyagi prefecture and Ishinomaki city. We provide the seawall along the coast of Ishinomaki and the river bank along the Kitakami-gawa River.
In the basic revival plan, “Town construction against disasters”, ”Revival of industry and economy”, and “Creating society by KIZUNA (ties) and collaboration”, we start the revival projects in Kadonowaki district and aim to develop the town as “Shin-Kadonowaki” district.


Secure and safe community life

▲The image of regional dissaster prevention base
(Emergency Public Housings)

In Shin-Kadonowaki district, we promote the disaster-resistant town protected multiplexly by various efforts. We provide seawalls, high road embankment and the evacuation routes to a hill in case of tsunami. We provide an evacuation space against tsunami on the top floor of public housing in the area.

▲The image of the second embankment to enhance the disaster resistance with the first coastal embankment.

Convenient community life for the variety of generations

We promote the town development for the variety of generations to live together and create the vivid community. To enhance the convenience of daily life, we actively promote the commercial and public facilities in the area. We develop an open space in the public housings as the local community base.

  • ▲The image of the local community base(1)

  • ▲The image of the local community base(2)

New town succeeding the local history and culture

Kadonowaki district used to be a traditional post town from the Edo period. We develop the safe roads and parks against disaster succeeding the structures of the traditional street such as the arterial roads and the entrance path to the shrine.

  • ▲Storehouse of the Honmas

  • ▲Kashimamiko shrine



UR都市機構 発行





  • 日和山公園
  • JR石巻駅
  • 石ノ森萬画館
  • 復興まちづくり情報交流館
  • 石巻市役所





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